Adam Davis, CEO & Founder

Adam Davis is a serial entrepreneur, having started a number of businesses throughout his career in Information Technology, Logistics, Marketing and Healthcare.

Adam is currently the sole owner of Next Dimension Inc., he also shares ownership in Next Healthcare Technologies Inc., a US based Healthcare SaaS Provider of a Clinical Decision Support Suite that helps clinicians provide better care while creating new revenue opportunities for their practices.

Adam started his IT Career in London Ontario at London’s first Internet Service Provider Intercom Information Services. Following the acquisition of Intercom by Hookup Communications, he transitioned to Oakville where he became responsible for the professional services division. This opportunity provided Adam with the skills and background that paved the way for him to play a key role in the establishment of Next Dimension as a service leader. While he never attended University or College, he has a history of entrepreneurialism and a natural head for business, having gained a vast amount of insight and functional experience in finance and business through various startup companies that he established over the years.

Recognizing the importance of giving back to the community, Adam actively supports a number of local not-for-profit organizations. He has served on the Board of Directors and Executive at the Windsor Essex Chamber of Commerce from 2009 to 2016; and is currently Chair of WEtech Alliance – a local ICT association created to attract ICT companies and commerce to the Windsor Essex Region.

Renee Pare, VP of Sales

Renee is responsible for managing and growing Next Dimension’s largest accounts. As a senior sales leader Renee provides oversight and mentoring to the entire sales team at Next Dimension and is a tremendous advocate of the company. Renee sits on both the Management and Leadership Teams, and is an active part of setting the vision and strategy for Next Dimension. Renee is passionate about all things IT, she truly cares about bringing the best solutions to Next Dimension’s clients, and has been a driving force in the sales department for over 10 years.

In addition to her work, Renee is very active in the Community volunteering and raising awareness for locale charitable organizations. Through her membership with the Rotary Club of Windsor (1918) over the last 7 years Renee has achieved success as a Director, Chair of the Art in the Park committee, co-chair of the Youth Exchange committee, as well as heartfelt participation in many events to help the community.

Pete Needham, Vice President - People & Performance

As Vice President – People & Performance, Pete is responsible for all people processes at Next Dimension, including Culture, Employee Engagement, and Performance, plus the processes for managing and converting “Strategy Into Action” including Balanced Scorecards, Corporate and Team Dashboards, and the alignment of individual goals and targets to these strategic tools.

In Pete’s early career, spent in Finance in the United Kingdom with Unilever, he learned to appreciate that “what gets measured gets done!” Moving to North America at the turn of the century, he transitioned into Human Resources roles with Unilever Canada, and End to End Networks, before running his own People & Performance consultancy. Pete joined the Next Dimension Management Team in 2018.

Pete sees the value in aligning People Strategy with Business Metrics, but never forgets that “You Manage Things, You Lead People”.

Pete seeks to build long-term, mutually beneficial business relationships, and unashamedly uses his British sense of humour to achieve balance between adding meaningful value to every client and stakeholder while having fun!

Advocating that every organisation – no matter how big or small – should give to their community tangibly and consistently, Pete has embraced this through his facilitation of the TechConnex Human Resources, Leadership Development, and Strategy Peer Groups, serving technology companies in the GTA. He also supports the Daily Bread Food Bank and Covenant House in Toronto and contributes regularly to these community organisations.

Pete is a qualified Balanced Scorecard Professional, a certified Langevin Trainer, and a passionate teacher of Strategy in the tech industry. He received a Lotus Award for Employee Engagement in 2017.

Simon Sinek once said “If you don’t understand people, you don’t understand business”, a sentiment that Pete not only passionately believes, but which speaks to the heart of Next Dimension’s mission and vision.


Lesley Rahm, Vice President - Finance

As Vice President, Finance, Lesley is responsible for planning, implementing, managing and controlling all the financial-related activities of Next Dimension. Lesley’s Accounting & Administration team also handles travel arrangements for all Next Dimension employees, and manages other office support activities including reception.

Lesley has over 16 years experience in the world of Finance, 12 years of which was acquired at the public accounting firms PwC and Deloitte, in audit, assurance and advisory roles. Lesley joined Next Dimension in 2017 and serves on the Management Team, providing continuous evaluation of short and long-term strategic financial objectives.

A dedicated wife and mother, Lesley appreciates that “life is like accounting, everything must be balanced!”

Lesley holds a BComm in Accounting from the University of Windsor, and also holds the CPA, CA professional designation. She understands the importance not only of “the numbers”, but the “story behind the numbers”.

Lesley gives back to the community by coaching and managing local baseball, soccer and hockey teams, and her passion and energy for such activities is widely appreciated and admired by her colleagues.

Tilman J. Fertitta once said “Don’t ever let your business get ahead of the financial side of your business. Accounting, accounting, accounting. Know your numbers!”; a sentiment close to Lesley’s heart and the value she brings to Next Dimension.

Lanny Rogers, Director - Professional Services

As Director, Professional Services, Lanny oversees Next Dimension’s Projects, Solutions, and Internal Operations teams. These three teams, composed of highly-skilled systems and network engineers, are responsible for designing and implementing optimal and mission-critical I.T. solutions for our customers.

Lanny has over 20 years experience in the I.T. industry, over 12 years of which was gained at Honeywell, where Lanny honed his Project Management and Enterprise Infrastructure Operations skills. Lanny joined Next Dimension in 2017 and serves on both the Management and Leadership Teams.

A consummate professional in every sense, Lanny appreciates more than most that “Operations keeps the lights on, Strategy provides a light at the end of the tunnel, but Project Management is the train engine that moves the organization forward”.

Beyond his academic qualifications at Sterling Business Academy and Fanshawe College, Lanny also holds PMP, ITIL, and Six Sigma certifications, which he utilizes to help drive standardization and lean processes within the organization.

A dedicated family man, Lanny also gives back to the community via his volunteer work with the Windsor Croatia Club, where he currently coaches two competitive girls soccer teams.

Jack Welch once said “Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision and drive it to completion”; a quote consistent with Lanny’s own passion for excellence and approach to leadership.

Tibor Toronyi, Director - Managed Services

As Director, Managed Services, Tibor oversees the Next Dimension Help Desk, ITA, and On Demand teams. These teams are central and critical to the Next Dimension vision of being the leading Managed Services Partner in any market in which we operate.

Tibor has accumulated over 30 years of experience in I.T, over 12 years of which was acquired at Allied Domecq Spirits & Wines and Pernod Ricard Americas, supporting global server infrastructures and managing a global team of I.T. professionals. Tibor joined Next Dimension in 2017 and serves on both the Management Team and the Technical Advisory Council.

A dedicated and passionate believer in customer service, Tibor appreciates that “you are what you do, not what you say you will do”.

Tibor holds an honours degree in Computer Science from the University of Windsor. He is a quick learn, anticipating and embracing new ideas and technologies, while always considering how these will bring new benefits to our clients.

Tibor’s passion for all things I.T. spreads to his home, where he has 24 network connections and 2 virtual hosts running 5 servers and multiple workstations!

Michael LeBoeuf once said “A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all”; a philosophy which captures Tibor’s dedication to bringing managed services solutions that add tangible value to the customers and stakeholders of Next Dimension Inc.