Better Together Series

Episode 2: Reliability with Veeam

Next Dimension and Veeam dove into highlights of what makes Veeam such a reliable backup and recovery solution during episode 2 of our Better Together Coffee Series.  This informative webinar highlighted the importance of both a quality backup and a quick recovery.  Next Dimension is hosting a Better Together Coffee Series; a number of short and informative early morning webinars focusing on how to leverage Veeam and their v10 upgrade to better improve performance and protection within your organization.

Click here to access the recorded webinar.

Below are some of the comments and insights that were shared via twitter during our Better Together Coffee Series focused on v10 Launch Features:

  • With Veeam, recovery is easy – no matter what the workload is!
  • Veeam offers over 70 backup options from a single image.
  • Compare backups to production environments in Veeam Explorer to see what’s changed.
  • Veeam integrates with 15+ storage solutions.  Use Veeam Explorer for storage snapshots.
  • Data management is key.  The ability to securely put your backup data to work.
  • With Veeam, the Right to Be Forgotten can be achieved even in your backup data.

That was a lot of ground to cover in just 30 minutes!  There are many other topics to discuss in the rest of the series including how Veeam helps modern data center break free from legacy solutions, and security – hardening your data protection infrastructure against threats.  We’ll also discuss resource planning and workload mobility.

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CLICK HERE to access v10 Launch Webinar