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Form a Strategic Alliance with Next Dimension

At Next Dimension we believe there is strength in numbers.  We have worked hard to form alliances and strategic partnerships in the communities and industries we serve.  Together, we exist to create solutions that will benefit our customers as well as the clients of our alliance partners.

Some key partnerships already established include: the Automotive Parts Manufacturing Association, the Waterloo Economic Development Commission, TechConnex, and Connecting W-E.

Benefits of Developing Strategic Alliances

  • Allows Us to Share Knowledge
  • Allows Us to Share Resources
  • Allows Us and  Our Partners Access to New Markets

Forming alliances benefits more than just our business.  Alliances and corporate partnerships allow our employees to work with other industry professionals.  This encourages our employees to create stronger bonds and collaborate effortlessly in the work environment.

Get in touch with us! Let’s discuss how we can form an alliance for the greater good of our customers and stakeholders.

Partnership with St. Clair College

Next Dimension and St. Clair College have teamed up to create Discovery Day.  Discovery Day is a day where eight successful applicants from the Computer Networking program will spend the day learning from, presenting to, and networking with Next Dimension staff.  Upon completion of Discovery Day, Next Dimension will hire two applicants to join our team.  Learn More.

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