Two-Factor Authentication

The value of using two-factor authentication to secure your network With cyberattacks in the news so often these days, security is a growing concern for businesses of all sizes and in every industry. Here at Next Dimension, we’re always looking for ways our customers can make their networks and users more secure. And user authentication […]

Cisco Wireless 802.11ac Wave 2

Why You Need the Latest Wireless 802.11ac Wave 2 Mobile usage continues to explode. According to a Cisco report issued in February 2016, by the year 2020 there will be 4.4 billion mobile users worldwide (up from 4.8 billion in 2015) and 11.5 billion mobile-ready devices and connections (four billion more than in 2015). […]

Cloud Services

What’s new in the cloud—and what’s in it for you? The transition to cloud computing has changed everything in IT. Virtually every company in every industry now utilizes the cloud for some or all of their business applications, not just data storage and backup. In fields ranging from healthcare to manufacturing, cloud computing has streamlined […]

Firewall – Cisco FirePOWER

Are your cyber defenses up to the challenge? 2015 was a particularly good year for hackers. Big data breaches and cyberattacks made the news quite frequently —and the victims were well-known companies like Anthem, CVS, Walgreens, Experian, Scottrade, and V-Tech. According to a recent study of business risk managers released by The Boiler Inspection […]

Anti-Virus – Cisco AMP

Why traditional antivirus isn’t enough anymore—and how to think beyond it. In 2013, Chinese hackers conducted a four-month cyberattack on the New York Times. Despite having an antivirus system on its network, the newspaper missed 44 out of the 45 pieces of custom malware installed by the attackers. Here we are in 2016, and […]