Private Cloud for Sensitive Data

Manage Sensitive Data with Private Cloud. Manage Private Cloud with a Qualified Provider. Choose an industry-compliant cloud provider that offers the right service level agreement for your organization.  Private cloud is a common choice for government agencies and regulated industries such as finance and healthcare that work with highly sensitive data, as well as organizations […]

Advantages of IP Video Surveillance

Discover the Advantages of IP Video Surveillance IP video surveillance solution is the smart way to protect your employees and equipment. Video surveillance has been around for decades, providing an invaluable tool for protecting facilities, equipment, stock and people. The latest generation of the technology—IP video surveillance—however, has significant advantages over previous iterations, both in […]

Unified Communications and Collaboration

Make True Collaboration a Reality with UCC The “office” is getting smaller, and the “workplace” is growing virtually limitless.  Employers need to find a way to keep their teams connected. Offices don’t need to accommodate as many people as they did 10 years ago. The Workplace of the Future: a global market research report from […]

Secure Mobility

Secure Mobility—the new must for IT infrastructures The realities of today’s BYOD environment and the dramatic increase in worker mobility are having a huge impact on corporate IT—forcing organizations to figure out how best to support it all efficiently and cost effectively. Companies have made a huge investment in network and security infrastructures to provide […]

Virtual CIO Service

The value of a virtual CIO service Employers today, in all industries, know that good employees are hard to find. This is especially true in corporate IT. Qualified, experienced IT managers are in demand, and they can be expensive to hire. That’s why many companies have opted to go the virtual CIO (vCIO) route—and have […]

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