The Importance of Data Security with Cisco

Today, the importance of data security is more critical than ever. The amount of information that organizations must secure is ever growing, and as technology continues to change companies are constantly gaining more and more data that they need to secure.

Enterprise Strategy Group indicates the explosive growth in Network Security Complexity can be attributed to: a growing attack surface, an increasing workload, and evolving threats and vulnerabilities. 

ESG’s report on Navigating Network Security Complexity gives insights into thriving in this new reality.¬† Download your free copy.

Your business requires data security and risk management solutions that work intelligently with your networks, applications, and infrastructure so you can take advantage of the opportunities of IoT and related cloud and mobility technologies while effectively managing security and risk. Businesses increasingly rely on multiple third-party vendors, contractors, and systems to support business operations and achieve strategic objectives. Many organizations, however, do not have a clear understanding of what information is most critical, where it is located, or how it should be managed.

cisco data security

Cisco and Next Dimension offer security solutions that are designed to meet the needs of your business, covering the following areas of your organization:

  • End to end security¬† to optimize your time and resources
  • Protect the customer, business, and financial data
  • Protect users on and off the network
  • Secure the network, cloud, and every endpoint
  • Keep employees connected, protected, and productive
  • Security solutions that grow with your business

Keeping your employees safe and your business protected, is at the heart of what we do. Next Dimension and Cisco will keep your security simple; because reducing complexity can make all the difference. We will help you understand your full risk profile to which you are exposed from third parties. Our experts continually draw on years of experience, proven methodologies, and advanced tools to help you provide robust risk and compliance management, innovative approaches to IoT security, and world-class threat management. With this knowledge you can help your on site teams as well as remote workforce anticipate threats, adapt to the changing security landscape, and develop a strong data security posture.

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