Remote Collaboration Tools by Cisco

Today more than ever, business wins depend on remote collaboration and teamwork. And the teams that make things happen are bigger, more diverse, more distributed. People work at home, in coffee shops, on the road, using mobile phones and every device imaginable.

With so much to manage, it can be hard for your people to be truly present and focused in the moment. They need remote collaboration tools that let them work intuitively, effortlessly. That fade into the background, leaving them free to focus, engage, inspire, innovate.

Next Dimension can help your remote collaboration workers meet and collaborate from anywhere, as if they were sitting around the same table. We combine collaboration solutions from Cisco―the global leader in business voice and video communication―with the security, performance, and reliability you expect from Next Dimension. Your people can work better together with whomever they want, however they want, whenever they choose.

Enterprise Strategy Group indicates the explosive growth in Network Security Complexity can be attributed to: a growing attack surface, an increasing workload, and evolving threats and vulnerabilities.   

The increased need for Remote Collaboration tools is contributing to the growing attack surface.  Read more on ESG’s report on Navigating Network Security Complexity.  Download your free copy.

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Why people are choosing WebEx as their remote collaboration tool:

  • Webex comes with security built in―not bolted on―allowing your team to collaborate freely without worrying about privacy.
  • WebEx Video Conferencing brings everyone together, face-to-face, with video conferencing and screen sharing on any device.
  • Team collaboration happens all in one place, from anywhere with messaging, file and screen sharing, video meetings, and whiteboarding.
  • Secure, easy-to-manage cloud calling that’s simple to set up and even goes with you on the road.
  • Conference equipment that brings high-quality video, whiteboarding, and AI to your collaboration rooms.

download cisco esg report