Securing the Remote Workforce with Cisco

Organizational security and networking are facing a significant transformation with the increased demand of securing the remote workforce. Wide-scale adoption of cloud applications, an increase in remote workers, and expansion of branch offices has rendered the centralized, on-premises security model impractical. The convenience, cost savings, and performance benefits of going direct to the internet is driving a new decentralized approach to networking. Yet with change comes risk and a new set of security challenges. Organizations require a broader set of protection that not only improves security, but simplifies management to ensure the expanded and remote workforce remains secure.

Enterprise Strategy Group indicates the explosive growth in Network Security Complexity can be attributed to: a growing attack surface, an increasing workload, and evolving threats and vulnerabilities. 

ESG’s report on Navigating Network Security Complexity gives insights into thriving in this new reality.  Download your free copy.

We want to help ensure your business continuity by allowing your workforce to work remotely and securely. Right now, the abrupt shift towards remote work creates security challenges — keeping your business running in a very different environment or at a greater scale. It’s putting a strain on both security and IT teams who are quickly supporting an unprecedented number of offsite workers and their devices — without compromising security.

In this new reality, it is important to Next Dimension that we give our customers a simple and easy way to secure their remote workers. The Cisco Secure Remote Worker solution unifies user and device protection at scale, making it easy to verify, enable secure access and defend remote workers at anytime from anywhere. This integrated solution helps accelerate your business success with security that works together.

Securing remote workforce

By unifying multiple security services, you can be sure that your workforce is secure regardless of location. Cisco Duo provides a zero-trust security platform to ensure only the right users and secure devices can access applications. AnyConnect enables secure access to the enterprise network for any user, from any device, at any time, in any location. Umbrella offers greater flexibility, sharper visibility, consistent enforcement, and because Umbrella is delivered from the cloud it is the easiest way to protect all of your users in minutes. Finally AMP for Endpoints protect, detect and respond to advanced threats for uncompromised productivity for remote workers anytime, anywhere.

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