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Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery

Next Dimension Managed IT Services Keep Your IT Systems Secure, Reliable and Available.

Backing up in the cloud is a critical piece of a disaster recovery and business continuity plan because it protects your business in case of a localized outage, accident or natural disaster. Next Dimension offers a variety of cloud backup services to best meet the unique needs of your organization.

Replay and “ServerSync” Managed Service

ServerSync is a cloud-based backup and disaster recovery solution. It maintains separate local and off-site replicas of your key systems. The ServerSync Managed Service gives you the peace of mind knowing that your on-site and off-site backups are being monitored daily, and also helps you improve your cash flow by eliminating up-front license costs and periodic renewal fees. Historically, the cost and complexity of an off-site disaster recovery sites has kept them out of reach of small and midsize organizations. ServerSync brings affordable off-site backup and disaster recovery to organizations of all sizes.

Cloud Disaster Recovery Services from Next Dimension Help Your Business Recover Quickly

Next Dimension’s ServerSync is a complete, fully integrated backup and disaster recovery solution for small to mid-size businesses. It is designed to quickly restore access to your important IT services and systems in the event of an unrecoverable hardware-related system failure.

ServerSync maintains a constant offline replica of your key system(s). In the event of an unrecoverable hardware failure, it can be configured to boot your server replicas in a Virtual Machine environment. By standing in as a temporary replacement system, it affords you the extra time you need to restore and rebuild your primary hardware.

We’re already doing daily backups. How is this solution different?

Regular backups are only one part of a complete disaster recovery solution. Restoring from backup is another matter entirely. It’s a time-consuming process, and that’s assuming that your server hardware is actually usable. It may not be, in which case you’ll need to wait even longer for replacement parts to arrive. Could you manage without one of your key systems for one or more business days? If the answer to this question is NO, then ServerSync is for you.

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