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Cloud Solutions

Let Cloud Solutions from Next Dimension Take the Stress Out of IT for Your Organization.

For those responsible for managing an organization’s IT, a server room is always the last place they want to be. It usually means something’s wrong and they need to fix it. It’s hot, it’s loud and the sooner they can leave it, the better. Maybe it’s time for your organization’s IT to move out of the server room and into the Next Dimension cloud.

Next Dimension offers a range of fully remote hosted cloud services, including servers, web hosting, email, security, backup and disaster recovery. The Next Dimension cloud is built on the latest IBM server technology, secured with fully redundant backup solutions and managed by a team of qualified IT professionals. Moving to the cloud reduces the burden on your IT staff, slashes power and cooling costs, nearly eliminates capital IT expenditures, and can increase the performance of your business.


Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery

Backing up in the cloud is a critical piece of a disaster recovery and business continuity plan because it protects your business in case of a localized outage, accident or natural disaster. Next Dimension offers a variety of cloud backup services to best meet the unique needs of your organization.


Hosted Servers

More than ever, small to midsize businesses are realizing that hosted servers offer them the scalability, reliability, security, simplicity and cost effectiveness they’re looking for. Next Dimension is leading the charge to improve business performance for our clients, providing customized high performance hosted server options that transform IT operations.


Hosted Desktops

With Next Dimension’s Cloud-hosted desktop solution, we take care of virtually everything – resource provisioning, load balancing, security, network issues, etc. However, you still maintain control over your virtual desktops, applications and clients, and remote desktop protocol. Our data centers ensure high availability, no matter where your users may roam.


Hosted Email

Email issues can be one of the top consumers of IT staff hours, as well as one of the common drains on employee productivity.  The costs of email outages can extend far beyond just the immediate inability to respond to email. It can lead to damaged reputations, legal consequences due to missed deadlines or lost sales opportunities.

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