The Rise of Ransomware
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Next Dimension and Veeam invited Danny Pehar of Forbes Magazine to talk about Combating the Rise of Ransomware.  Criminals are getting smarter.  Insurance companies are getting stricter.  How will your organization adapt to these changes? Danny discusses necessary shifts to protect your business.

After Danny’s keynote, an expert panel is assembled to discuss a practical approach to combating ransomware, and finally, an interview ripped right from today’s headlines.

Meet the Experts

Danny Pehar, Forbes Magazine

Cybersecurity expert and contributing writer, speaking passionately about secure human behaviour within corporations. 

Tom Bigos, Centra Cybersecurity

CISO with over 10 years experience in the field working with law enforcement, utilities, manufacturing, legal, and more.  Tom also teaches Ethical Hacking collegiately in Ontario.

Peter Clissold, Asset Risk & Security Services

CEO and practicing cybersecurity leader in retail, banking, consulting, policing, and government sectors.

Melissa Palmer, Veeam

Senior Technologist on the Product Strategy team at Veeam, with a focus on virtualization and emerging technologies.

What’s On the Agenda

Preparing for Battle, KEYNOTE, Danny Pehar

Danny, a cybersecurity expert and contributing writer for Forbes Magazine, will talk about the rise, and shift of ransomware.  Criminals are getting smarter, and insurance companies are getting stricter. 

A Practical Approach, EXPERT PANEL Andrew, Tom, Peter, and Danny

Tom and Peter are Certified Ethical Hackers from diverse corporate backgrounds, and they’ll join Danny alongside moderator Andrew, to discuss a practical approach to your cyber strategy. 

Ripped from the Headlines, EXPERT INTERVIEW Andrew and Melissa

In the last seven days, a ransomware attack rocked a public organization, and the article from the Globe & Mail left their readers with more questions than answers.  Andrew and Melissa will tackle them together.


  • Danny Pehar, Keynote Address, begins at 1:14
  • Expert Panel with Danny, Tom, and Pete, begins at 24:32
  • Ripped from the Headlines; dissecting the the Newfoundland attack with Melissa  Palmer, begins at 48:20