The Path Has Been Set. Time to Take the First Step.

Your completed assessment and results have been sent to your email.  What’s next?

  1. Review the Framework(s): Your business needs have guided you this far.  Now it’s time to dive into the recommended framework and start to take a holistic view of cybersecurity for your organization.
  2. Identify Strengths and Gaps: Begin to paint a picture of the current cybersecurity posture of your organization against recommendations found inside the framework.  Where do you excel?  Where do gaps exist?
  3. Build a Security Roadmap: Here’s the spot where many organizations stumble.  The list of vulnerabilities and gaps can be overwhelming.  But not yours! You’ve got a handle on the right framework, and a partner in Next Dimension that will help you prioritize those gaps in a security roadmap.  Begin your journey here.


While the NIST framework is a foundational best practice, there are many niche and nuanced frameworks that could be considered, depending on the organization’s size, scope, and industry.