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The Evolution of Transformation to Optimization


Your organization has completed your digital transformation.  You’ve changed the way your organization looks at people, culture, service delivery, customers, and suppliers.  You have implemented changes that allow you to automate and analyze like never before. 


Transitioning to a Digital Optimization strategy ensures the business continues to review processes against innovations, with an eye for iterative improvements.  Successful businesses build a framework that empowers their people to oversee processes and monitor for improvements in quality, efficiency, and output speed.  Deploying a digital optimization strategy ensures the business will keep up with technology, consumer demands, and industry innovations.


Is it time to Optimize the Strategy; or is it time to be Digitally Mature? Let’s review the differences.

The definition of Digital Maturity points to how well companies adapt to a digital business environment.  How well does your organization recognize the need for change? Have they executed a digital transformation strategy that defines new approaches?

Once digital maturity is achieved, the continuous effort of Digital Optimization must begin.  Digital Optimization is the process of using digital technology to continuously improve existing operating processes and business models.

The goal is to achieve Digital Alignment.  The organization is digitally optimized once there’s a process in place to continuously align structure, people, culture, and tasks.


achieving digital alignment
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Ask every leader inside the organization these questions:

Have you transformed in these key areas?

Do you leverage these key concepts? 

Are you looking for a means to achieve Digital Maturity? Let’s make a plan.

How Does Next Dimension Support Digital Maturity?

You know your business. Having a strategic partner you can trust will validate industry best practices, and keep a keen eye on innovations and ever evolving vulnerabilities.

Our proven framework will support digital maturity through:

Aligning technology’s role in the business strategy

Analysis to identify risks

Roadmapping as a platform to prioritize high value actions

Project Management and operational support

Annual planning cycle continuing to support the business 

What does Digital Maturity Mean for your Business

Digital Maturity is achieved through continuous optimization of your organization against industry trends and best practices. Do you know how digitally mature your business is? Take a look at the Digital Maturity snapshot below. 

digital maturity snapshot


So you’ve completed your Digital Transformation.  Now what?

First of all, congratulate yourself and your team! Reaching this point is no easy feat. You’ve defined your Digital Leader, taken your entire organization through a Culture Shift, assessed your organization’s short and long term appetite for digital disruption, managed the twists and turns of the digital journey, and are ready to instill a winning formula for Digital Optimization.

Digital Optimization Plan: The Framework

Our comprehensive Digital Optimization Plan expands on these six steps, following a proven, repeatable process for continuous optimization focused on innovation, information security, and operational efficiency.

1.  Assess current state of Digital Maturity

2.  Identify opportunities and define the vision

3.  Prioritize capabilities to enhance based on business objectives

4.  Assess impact to digital maturity of the initiatives on a roadmap

5.  Project management & support to achieve goals

6.  Annual planning cycle to evaluate process improvement


Let’s Build and Execute Your Roadmap

You have a successful business to run.  Who will quarterback the Digital Optimization roadmap?  Next Dimension has a proven framework that has optimized countless organizations through to Digital Alignment.  We’re looking forward to partnering with you to achieve your vision, transform your culture, and revolutionize your operations.  Let’s build your roadmap.