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Discovery Day

Successfully Apply for Discovery Day: DEADLINE TO APPLY IS FEBRUARY 14, 2020

Next Dimension and St. Clair College have teamed up to create Discovery Day, taking place March 11, 2020.  Eight successful St. Clair College Computer Networking Program students will participate in a full day event at Next Dimension’s Windsor office, meeting and working with our team.  Discovery Day will result in two job offers presented to the most qualified candidates.

Resume and CV Tips

Resume Tips:

  • Please keep your resume short (2 pages maximum)
  • What’s your Profile? and what’s your career objective?
  • What have you done, outside of school, that you’re truly proud of? (think sports, hobbies, volunteer work)
  • Highlight your favourite course at St. Clair College

Cover Letter Tips

  • Why should we invite you to discovery day?
  • What should we know about you, that we can’t learn from your resume, that is relevant to Discovery Day?
  • What will be the subject of your 10-minute presentation?
  • What dietary restrictions you have, should you attend?

Telephone Discussions


If selected for a telephone interview, we’ll have a conversation about why you applied to participate in Discovery Day, what you’re looking for as a result of attending, and what questions you have for us in advance of the day itself.

Employment Selection Criteria


Below are the attributes and competencies we’re looking for in successful new hires at Next Dimension:

  • Passion
  • Curiosity & Coachability
  • Energy
  • Open Mindedness
  • Collaboration
  • Empathy
  • Academics
  • Non-Academic Interests and Experience