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Use the tools available in the Efficiency and Performance Toolkit to breakdown silos and encourage all voices across the organization to share in the achievement.  Optimal efficiency and performance is managing the delicate balance between being transparency, availability and reliability, while maintaining proper security protocols and leveraging innovative tools.  When the pendulum swings too far left or right, many organizations are faced with sacrificing one for the other.  

The benefit of transparency: Breaking down the silos of the organization, especially at the Strategy phase, ensures all business leaders have bought into, and have influence on, moving in the same direction.  This is the culture shift that sounds simple to discuss, but isn’t always easy to execute.  

The need for availability: Customers and suppliers are looking for direct access to your corporate data and automated machines than ever before.  This means more connections running through your bandwidth, many coming from newly connected devices.  Analytics often drives better decision making, but availability and access can come with devastating security risks.

Remembering reliability: Loading new devices to the network, adding additional information tunnels, and providing the ability for employees to work from anywhere, can all weigh heavily on your Operations.  Optimal speed performance is awesome – so long as its running.  Don’t forget to look at ways to keep your organization performing – in sub-optimal conditions.

Resources from our Efficiency and Performance Toolkit can be found below.

Is Your Team Aligned?

Maximize the Return on IT

Performance Resources

Enablement through Efficiency

Tool: Alignment Scorecard


How well aligned is your IT Strategy? To maximize the return on IT investments an organization’s IT strategy should align with its business strategy.

Digital Transformation will only be achieved when the Leadership team adopts technology and culture strategies, and perpetuates them across the business.  Innovation cannot be led by IT alone.  How well are your C-Suite and Technology Teams aligned? 

IT Strategy Enables Business Strategy

IT Strategy Enables Business Strategy

IT Strategy Enables Business Strategy Next Dimension curates the most practical and useful tools and strategic IT insights from the web.  This week we shared articles across our social media talking about how IT strategy enables business strategy as well as IT ROI +...