ESET Risk Management for Endpoints


Next Dimension is pleased to partner with ESET to offer a full suite of risk management solutions for endpoints. We partner with Eset because of their secure and reliable solution stack, and their ongoing commitment to evolving risk management solutions for mid size enterprises. Eset offers industry leading solutions for Endpoint, Encryption, and Cloud Based Sandboxing.

ESET Risk Management Strategies include:

  • Endpoint
  • Encryption
  • Multifactor Authentication

When societal disruption occurs, enabling remote workforce options are essential for business continuity.

An agile workforce shouldn’t leave your organization vulnerable in terms of security.  Get the Remote Access Security Checklist and be sure your organization is protected no matter how your workforce connects.


Mitigate customer risk at the source, endpoint protection that provides a real-time overview of all your on- and off-premise endpoints via an enterprise-grade console. Includes full reporting and security management for all operating systems. With an added Ransomware Shield, this multilayered technology monitors and evaluates applications and processes as they run. Detects and blocks any that trigger reputation warnings or display suspicious behavior, and sends you an alert before making it onto the network.  View ESET cybersecurity solutions. 


Data protection legislation is an ongoing obligation as regulations continue to evolve. Organizations of all sizes need to adopt new processes and policies. Your clients will need assistance to ensure compliance, and with a strong encryption suite, ESET can help provide this.

Multifactor Authentication

Eliminate the risk of weak, common, and poor password hygiene with ESET’s multifactor authentication.  Multifactor authentication adds a layer of security with expiring complex passwords that act as an overlay to the users existing password.