ESET Cybersecurity Protection

ESET cybersecurity protection is built on award winning technology. At Next Dimension, we work closely with ESET to implement a secure endpoint solution for all workstations, servers, and mobile devices in your environment. ESET protection also includes firewall, antispam, and content filtering. This multi-layered security approach is simple and easy to use, and is handled remotely through the ESET Security Management Center.

When societal disruption occurs, enabling remote workforce options are essential for business continuity.

An agile workforce shouldn’t leave your organization vulnerable in terms of security.  Get the Remote Access Security Checklist and be sure your organization is protected no matter how your workforce connects.

Mid-size enterprises today require extra protection from ransomware attacks. Network Attack Protection is part of the ESET cybersecurity solution suite. Network Attack Protection has the ability to prevent ransomware from ever infecting a system by stopping exploits at the network level. ESET’s multi-layered cybersecurity defense features an in-product sandbox with the ability to detect malware that attempts to evade detection by using obfuscation.

Leverage ESET’s cloud malware protection system, LiveGrid, to automatically protect against new threats without having to wait for the next detection update. All products contain protection in the form of Ransomware Shield to ensure that businesses are protected from malicious file encryption.

ESET checklist