ESET Encryption in Data Security

Businesses are in the news every single day notifying their customers that a data breach has occurred. Encryption and ESET cybersecurity provides safety from data breaches, secures remote working challenges, and ensures compliance.

Why choose ESET encryption in data security?

1. Protect sensitive data with ESET Endpoint Encryption by means of full-disk encryption (FDE).
2. Protect vulnerable communications such as remote desktop by adding multi-factor authentication.
3. Require multi-factor authentication in order to log in to devices that contain sensitive data.

When societal disruption occurs, enabling remote workforce options are essential for business continuity.

An agile workforce shouldn’t leave your organization vulnerable in terms of security.  Get the Remote Access Security Checklist and be sure your organization is protected no matter how your workforce connects.

Data Breaches

Un-encrypted data breaches put data at risk of being released, publicized, or used for malicious purposes. All companies have sensitive data, such as customer lists, proprietary information, sales-related data, staff and HR information. By implementing an encryption solution, businesses make it virtually impossible for hackers to read stolen data.

Security Challenges with a Remote Workforce

Allowing employees to work from home has become the norm for many businesses. Also, the need for remote users always to be online, working out of coffee shops, airports and at client premises, increases the risk of data misuse or device loss. However, an encryption solution gives your clients the ability to immediately terminate remote users and render data on any device inaccessible, thus effectively mitigating the risk.


When it comes to encryption, many regulations and laws, such as GDPR, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, SOX and GLBA, recommend its implementation. If a company‘s data, including personal information are properly encrypted, data breach incidents are much less likely to be regarded as compliance failures.

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