Expand Remote Capacity and Mobilize your Agile WorkforceRemote capabilities to help mobilize your remote workforce

No-cost and low-cost rapid deployment strategies to enable and secure your workforce.

The Harvard Business Review stated “the coronavirus pandemic is expected to fundamentally change the way many organizations operate for the foreseeable future.” If you had to scramble to continue operating out of your office building, or had to halt operations altogether, it may be time to consider ways to expand remote capacity and empower your remote workforce.

The way business operates has changed.  The new normal is upon us.  Employees need to connect to all data, from virtually everywhere.  Availability, reliability, and security remain paramount regardless of workforce or workload locations.

Next Dimension and our partners have created programs to make it easier for your organization to deploy or improve your remote workforce. Robust remote capacity means your remote employees have the ability to:

  • Protect corporate remote and mobile devices
  • Connect to your internal network
  • Upload and download data
  • Collaborate via phone or messaging
  • Host or attend virtual meetings

The first step is to conduct a Best Practice Analysis.  This will allow all stakeholders in your business to have an aligned view of the infrastructure gaps that are limiting you from achieving your business goals. 

From there, we will prioritize the projects required to fill those gaps, giving you a clear vision and IT Roadmap that will support your corporate objectives.

If your organization is struggling in any of the above areas, and you’re looking for an effective means to get to a new normal in business, click below to get in touch with us.