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Hosted Desktops

Cloud-hosted desktops let you capitalize on the benefits of the Cloud in unprecedented ways.

You many be using or considering a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), which achieves some of the advantages of fully cloud hosted desktop environment such as centralized management. However, with VDI, you may still need to own and manage the hardware and software to support the VDs within your data center.

If you’re looking for ways to reduce the cost and complexity of maintaining your organization’s desktops, Next Dimension’s cloud-hosted desktop service is an option well worth considering. Our service opens the way to true worry-free desktop computing.

Simplicity Redefined

While offering the many benefits of VDI, such as simplified management, reduced hardware investments, reduced licensing costs, increased security and improved mobility, Cloud-hosted desktops take these benefits even further by taking management of a VDI out of the data center. Commonly referred to as “Desktop as a Service (DaaS)”, this approach lets you assign management of your desktops to a Cloud service provider.

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