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Hosted Servers

Next Dimension Managed IT Services Keep Your IT Systems Secure, Reliable and Available.

More than ever, small to midsize businesses are realizing that hosted servers offer them the scalability, reliability, security, simplicity and cost effectiveness they’re looking for. Next Dimension is leading the charge to improve business performance for our clients, providing customized high performance hosted server options that transform IT operations.

Need dedicated servers or virtual machines on-demand? On-premises or offsite hosting? Any hybrid blend of these? Next Dimension can get you up and running quickly…and keep you there virtually without fail.

Ultimate Performance

State of the art monitoring and load balancing keeps your hosted servers consistently at peak performance and utilization, preventing performance interruptions and ensuring your users receive the superior service levels to support full productivity. Our Tier-1 networks support the bandwidth and redundancy to ensure a seamless computing experience.

We can provide extensive service level agreements (SLAs), and even customize them to ensure business critical applications receive higher SLAs as part of our personalized, flexible approach.

Scalability & Flexibility

With Next Dimension’s hosted server solutions you can take advantage of additional capacity on demand, “bursting” of intensive workloads at peak demand periods to avoid performance issues… and the freedom to change your base subscription levels as needed to optimize your cost/performance balance. Further, because Next Dimension operates our own Private Cloud hosting solution, your environmental and configuration needs are not limited.

Reliability & Security

Automated 24×7 monitoring, proactive notification and remediation of issues, and advanced security deliver unparalleled reliability. Our data center contains modern, state-of-the-art security systems which protect your critical business data.

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