5 steps to becoming an effective leader guide

5 Steps to Becoming an Effective Digital Leader


Effective digital leadership begins with a shift in mindset, followed by a shift in culture, and finally a shift in how the organization views, relies on, and leverages technology.  This guide will give you practical advice on how to shift your mindset, and influence your organization’s culture.  Here are the five steps to becoming an effective digital leader:

  1. Shifting your perspective
  2. Build your mindset
  3. Reorient your business brain
  4. Reinforce cognitive habits
  5. Utilize experiential learning methodology

Taking these important steps will ensure an effective Digital Leader will head up your digital journey.  

Effective Digital Leadership: The Catalyst for Digital Transformation. 

Are you ready to lead the people and the processes as well as the technology through this transformative era? Becoming an effective Digital Leader is more than a “set it and forget it” task.  It’s a continuous push; always encouraging the team to challenge the status quo. 

Successful digital leaders place high value on communication, creativity, and a willingness to challenge processes and explore new ways of leveraging technology and analytics to better support customers and suppliers, while securing their own environment.

 Although real change may start with one, it is successful because of a culture shift of many.    


Digital Leadership is a mindset, driven by an appointed individual, leading a culture shift to change the way the organization thinks about service delivery, supplier relations, and the customer experience.  These leaders must act as the digital agent of change for the business across all departments and business functions.  The digital leader must ensure the organization can flexibly adapt systems and processes to support new and evolving ways of working. 

Digital leaders possess an agile mindset, and are more interested in being viewed as Curious as opposed to an Expert. 


As an influential Digital Leader, you are responsible for challenging  traditional internal communication processes, continuously foster a collaborative environment of ideas-sharing, and making data-driven decisions.  You lead by actions like creativity, collaborating like a champion, being experimental, innovative, and curious.

Seek insight and expertise by networking with peers, colleagues, and industry leaders. 


It is well documented that a Digital Transformation is more than layering technology and adding complexity to the business.  Successful transformations are led by systemic culture change.  The shift in culture and mentality begins when the Digital Leader empowers department heads across the organization to champion collaboration and challenge current processes.  When department heads use collaborative tools to discuss and challenge data analytics, they allow curiosity and agility to lead change and ultimately drive the business to transform. 

A successful leader will transform the culture, develop a transformation roadmap, determine organizational readiness for change, execute the transformation, and continue the journey through optimization.

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