The process of implementing the operating plan.

Successful IT service deployments require thorough planning, professional project management, active monitoring, and proactive management to deliver on the goal of supporting business outcomes. A critical element of deployment success is choosing the right solutions and processes to meet the unique needs of every company.

Phases of Deployment:

  1. IT Service Design is the process of selecting the right solution based on the BPA and IT Roadmap, and configuring that solution to serve your business.
  2. IT Service Deployment is the project management and technical resources to procure, deliver, install, and implement the designated solutions from the IT Roadmap.
  3. IT Service Monitoring is more than just seeing when systems fail and stop performing.  It is also about having the systems and tools to proactively identify areas in the current system that are operating sub optimally or suspiciously to take preemptive action.
  4. Change Management is the design and implementation of a set of project management principles for our clients to make the process of implementing new products and services more efficient.

Next Dimension is a full scale IT Service organization.


Every business relies on technology in order to thrive.  IT infrastructure deployments are as unique as the businesses they serve.  Next Dimension offers infrastructure and support on premises, in the cloud, as a service, and on demand.

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The performance of your business relies on the performance and capacity of your network.  From the edge to the endpoint, we offer a number of services to improve data and business performance.

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At the core of productivity lies the ability to connect.  With expansive supply chains and a mobile workforce, secure and reliable connectivity is more important than ever.  Deployments from Next Dimension will improve connectivity across locations, across users, and between your staff and their data. 

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Successful private enterprises leverage agile, mobile workforces.  Next Dimension has partnered with the most powerful collaboration solution providers to help your team stay organized and stay connected regardless of their location.  Communication solutions include VoIP, telepresence, and multichannel collaboration tools. 

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Remote Workforce Strategies

Mobilizing a remote workforce will allow your organization to remain agile through many circumstances. Productivity is essential. We work with many vendors to offer low-barrier implementation strategies to keep your business working. As your workforce adjusts to new routines, they will be more susceptible to security missteps, inviting hackers into your environment. Learn new safety habits to protect your business.

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