An IT Strategy that aligns with your business

Next Dimension leverages our proven IT Roadmap framework to develop IT Operating Plans that align your business goals with your IT Strategy.  The goal of this framework is to optimize IT systems to support business outcomes.  Achieving this optimization is an on-going process; a journey, not a destination.  Next Dimension provides a partnership with our customers to manage this journey and ensure the board room, server room, and Next Dimension are aligned around a common platform to maximize the ROI on our customers’ IT investments.

IT Strategy Business Planning

An IT Strategy has three parts: where do we want to go, where we are now, and how to get from here to there.  Next Dimension provides planning support for each part.

The vision of where we want to go begins with the business strategy and determining how to design the information systems to complement and support the IT Strategy.  Next Dimension’s Account Managers have a comprehensive process to understand and document our customers’ IT Strategy that has three components.

  1. Best Practice Analysis
  2. Mutual Risk Assessment
  3. IT Roadmap

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Annual IT Operating Plan

Next Dimension provides and supports an Annual IT Operating Plan framework that includes QBR’s and an annual planning event.

In the QBR’s we review four elements:

  1. Performance Metrics to reflect monitoring and event management.
  2. Satisfaction levels of the organization with IT delivery
  3. Project Work In Progress reporting summaries optimized to be shared with management (The Boardroom)
  4. Formalized innovation presentation featuring new products, solutions, and technology trends to consider for future efficiencies.

Annual Event Reviews include:

  • Review BPA to identify changes or new initiatives to incorporate in IT Roadmap
  • Review IT Roadmap and refresh 3-year view.
  • Review past year’s projects and revise timelines and phases accordingly.
  • Identify and plan projects for deployment in the next 12 months
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IT Audits

The success of the IT Roadmap depends equally on an aligned vision with the business strategy and a complete understanding of the current systems state. This can call for detailed technical audits of the current systems, policies, and operations. Next Dimension offers technical audits and reviews by senior engineers to create a complete picture of the current state of your systems and standards documentation to guide future configuration and investment decisions in your IT systems.

Types of Technical Audits and Reviews Offered:

  • IT Assessment
  • Network Performance Audit
  • Network Security Audit
  • Wireless Site Survey
  • Company Wide Standards Documentation

Next Dimension as a CIO Strategist is a planning partner for our clients to build an IT Strategy and IT Roadmap that ensures your IT systems will support your business strategy.  From a set of easy to follow frameworks and a bench full of deep domain experts Next Dimension can help you design and implement your IT Strategic Vision. Contact us today to learn more!

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