IT Strategic Planning

Alignment with Business Priorities

The Importance of a well-designed IT Strategy Plan

An information technology strategy is a comprehensive plan to align IT investments with business priorities. IT Strategic Planning addresses governance, policy, initiatives, projects, processes, assets, resourcing, competencies, and budgets.  Ultimately, the IT strategy should dovetail into an organizations vision, strategy, and operating plans. Therefore, a successful IT Strategic Plan depends on the alignment and support within the executive team.

An agile IT strategy planning process harmonizes the priorities of all stakeholders: management, users, customers, partners and the IT team itself.  It will ensure that investment decisions are prioritized based on the highest return against the business’ objectives.  It also creates opportunities to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization leading to competitive advantage. 

A well-designed IT strategic planning process has three components:

  1. IT roadmap with prioritized projects across a three-year planning horizon
  2. Ongoing review cycle to track performance and progress
  3. Annual event to review, revise, and refine the roadmap rolling forward

The roadmap is a platform that ensures expectation alignment, status transparency, and increased confidence in the organizations capabilities to maximize the return on its IT investments.

Next Dimension offers a comprehensive roadmap design and management process for our customers that transforms technology discussions into business discussions.  It begins with an assessment of the business impact of an organization’s IT environment, a vision for the future, and a roadmap to track the journey.

When ready to start, we are here to help.

Next Dimension improves business outcomes through:

  1. Aligning IT’s role in the business strategy
  2. Analysis to identify risks and gaps to meeting expectations
  3. IT Roadmap as a platform to prioritize high value actions
  4. Project management and operational support to achieve goals
  5. Annual planning cycle in business language


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