IT Advantage Program: Strategic Flexible Resourcing

Next Dimension’s Managed IT Services, IT Advantage Program offers strategic flexible resourcing and team members to eliminate resource gaps in your IT strategic plan.

It takes a strong team with multiple domain specialists to plan, deploy, monitor, manage, and maintain interdependent IT systems. Part of the IT Strategy planning process includes the identification of competencies and capabilities necessary to deploy and manage the systems that support the IT Strategy.

Three Questions to Determine Your IT Resourcing Requirements:

1. What work needs to be done in each area of the system?

Consider the iceberg metaphor: the total work tasks to maintain, secure and support information systems is hard to see at the surface. To expose what is hidden below the surface requires a comprehensive IT strategy plan.

2. How complex is that work, or how specialized is the skill to do that work?

Answers to this question come into view as the necessary work is listed. The degree of complexity within the required work will dictate the level of resource necessary to perform the tasks.  Can the work be done by a generalist or does it require a specialist?

3. How much of that work is in your system?

This looks at the workload placed on the resources to manage capacity.  Are the tasks in this work performed hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or only in emergencies?  Some IT services and monitoring tasks need such high frequency that they will overwhelm in-house resources.  Other tasks are infrequent yet so complex, that it is not reasonable to staff experts full-time.

With answers to these questions, you’ll have the opportunity to align internal resources, and define gaps that need to be resourced externally.  Next Dimension’s Managed IT Services, the IT Advantage Program provides strategic flexible resourcing; from help desk through to complex monitoring, managing and maintenance. In addition, we have specialists for areas like networking, connectivity, cloud services and many more to assess, plan, and deploy high value technology alternatives.

Next Dimension’s IT Advantage programs offer strategic flexible resourcing; with three levels of service available.  These service levels ensure IT Advantage is not only fit for the purpose of filling your resource gaps, but also fit for use; ensuring you have the right resources to execute your IT Strategy.

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