Full Scale IT Services and Managed IT Resources Program

The Premium IT Advantage™ managed IT services program offers full scale IT resources.  With ITA Premium, your company will leverage flexible resourcing services to enhance your network security, monitor your infrastructure, schedule and complete administrative and maintenance updates, and leverage reliable response services when required.

IT Advantage Premium is the right fit if:

  • Your business desires a scalable, highly specialized, yet cost-controlled IT department
  • The work that needs to be done is high volume
  • Projects are high in complexity

What makes IT Advantage unique from other managed IT services programs is our operational and business alignment through Strategic IT resources including:

  • Quarterly Business Reviews
  • Managing the Parade of Vendors
  • Introduction to RELEVANT New Technologies
  • On Site as well as Remote Support 24×7

If your IT Strategy determines the ITA Premium program the right fit for purpose, then we will continue with the evaluation and onboarding process to ensure our managed IT services continue to be fit for use.


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