Managed Services: Tactical Sourcing Program

The IT Advantage Basic managed services program exists to augment clients’ internal IT resources.  This program will provide your organization with eyes on glass to monitor specific systems and alert your internal resources when issues and problems arise.  With IT Advantage Basic from Next Dimension, have full confidence knowing we are monitoring your key IT systems while your team has the time and space to focus and complete active tasks.

The IT Advantage Basic Program is the right fit if:

  • Internal resources are too busy to monitor
  • Internal resources are focused on break/fix and maintenance
  • Internal resources are better utilized on projects

What makes IT Advantage unique from other managed IT service provider programs? We continue to keep a pulse on the transformations inside your business.  Next Dimension leverages proven successful operational and business strategic IT resources such as:

  • Quarterly Business Reviews
  • Managing the Parade of Vendors
  • Introduction to RELEVANT New Technologies

At this level, Next Dimension can still be asked to take action where necessary, but that action is at your request and delivered at pre-determined hourly rates.

We conduct a thorough Best Practice Analysis and IT Roadmap development to understand the technology needs of your organization.  If those tools uncover the IT Advantage Basic program as the right fit for purpose, then we will continue with the evaluation and onboarding process to ensure our managed IT services continue to be fit for use.


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