Operational IT Reliability: ITA Professional 

The Professional IT Advantage™ managed IT services program operates as remote IT resourcing.  IT Advantage Professional ensures that your business continuity plan is operational, software and security solutions are maintained, and some level of scalability and planning is offered.

IT Advantage Professional is the right fit if:

  • Projects are higher in volume than in house resources can deploy
  • Projects are higher in complexity than in house resources can deploy
  • Resource capacity inhibits effective systems management and monitoring
  • Internal workload fluctuates near capacity

What makes IT Advantage unique from other managed IT service provider programs? We continue to keep a pulse on the transformations inside your business.  Next Dimension leverages proven successful operational and business strategic IT resources such as: 

  • Quarterly Business Reviews
  • Managing the Parade of Vendors
  • Introduction to RELEVANT New Technologies
  • Remote Support 24×7

We conduct a thorough Best Practice Analysis and IT Roadmap development to understand the technology needs of your organization.  If those tools uncover the IT Advantage Professional program as the right fit for purpose, then we will continue with the evaluation and onboarding process to ensure our managed IT services continue to be fit for use.

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