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Next Dimension engineers are experts in evaluating and addressing even the most challenging network environments.

Keeping ahead of the speed of business means delivering first class network performance – at peak demand times as well as average utilization levels. With the rapidly increasing levels of data exchange required to support business operations, upgrading your network is one key way to ensure superior application performance, business productivity and user satisfaction.

When the time comes to plan your network upgrade, we can save you significant planning time, deployment cycles and future costs. Consult the forward-looking experts at Next Dimension to help you create an upgrade strategy that will yield optimal performance today and well into the future.



Ensure your employees, partners and customers never have the frustration and productivity losses that can result from under-performing or overloaded networks. Next Dimension can assess your network utilization, identify performance bottlenecks and deliver high performance core network solutions such as Gigabit Ethernet solutions that can scale as you grow.


Today’s increasingly IP-centric applications including VoIP, video and messaging can burden your network resulting in poor data delivery and compromised access to storage and Internet services. We can help you provision the appropriate levels of bandwidth, servers, storage and switches to ensure optimal QoS to all your network users.


Protecting your network-based assets – while maintaining needed access levels – is trickier than ever in today’s web-centric business environment. Building in the most advanced firewall, threat identification and monitoring technologies can help you meet compliance requirements and protect your business and reputation. Next Dimension designs network enhancements with security built in at the core for true business protection.

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