Nvidia HPC

The Exponential Growth of Computing

Accelerating scientific discovery, visualizing big data for insights, and providing smart AI-based services to consumers are everyday challenges for researchers and engineers. Solving these challenges takes increasingly complex and precise simulations, the processing of tremendous amounts of data, or training and running sophisticated deep learning networks. These workloads also require accelerating data centers to meet the growing demand for exponential computing.

NVIDIA® Tesla® is the world’s leading platform for the accelerated data center, deployed by the largest supercomputing centers and enterprises. It enables breakthrough performance with fewer, more powerful servers, resulting in faster scientific discoveries and insights while saving money.

With over 550 high performance computing (HPC) applications GPUoptimized in a broad range of domains, including 15 of the top 15 HPC applications, and all deep learning frameworks, every modern data center can save money with the Tesla platform.


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AI – Considerations For Scaling GPU-Ready Data Centers

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