Employees are neither assets, nor human capital, nor human resources – they are human beings!

How often do we hear organizations today declare that “our employees are our most important asset”? Sounds nice doesn’t it? Except that employees are neither assets, nor human capital, nor human resources – they are human beings!  Today’s workforce deserves better than to be labelled as assets, human capital, or human resources. We need to move our attention away from these notions and focus instead on bringing the most optimal “Employee Experience” to our employees.

At Next Dimension, that is the vision we share with regards to our people. Although the concept of EX, or Employee Experience is not entirely new, we believe that it is a game-changer in terms of attracting and retaining the employees we need to satisfy our vision and mission, and to enable us to reach our potential.  We became aware of Employee Experience through our desire to attract and retain the very best people, which is a challenge all organizations face. The Management Team at Next Dimension strongly supports this idea as a winning People Strategy for the modern workforce – it is not only a choice, but the only choice in our eyes.

Future organizations will be thrive because they are built around the twin concepts of CX (Customer Experience) and EX (Employee Experience). The place of People (as a Department) will be to facilitate but not design the Employee Experience. If this sounds like the beginning of the end of “top down” HR policies and procedures – you are right!