Cyber Threat Insights for Executives from the Globe and Mail

January 12, 2023

Just 12 days into 2023, the Globe and Mail published an article titled, “Ontario liquor retailer joins growing lists of firms hit by cyberbreach”. There are 5 reasons why this is such a strong article to set precedent in 2023.

Point One:

Cyber risk is a new normal:

Mr. LeBlanc compared dealing with cybersecurity threats to a game of Whack-A-Mole. “You fix one breach and you have to go to work on, what did we learn from that, how can we strengthen that system. It’s nonstop.”

There is no magic bullet defence you can buy, deploy, and forget.  It is a process of constant vigilance, preparation and readiness.

Point Two:

Knowing and doing are two different things.  Cyber events are in the news almost everyday, but it continues to be a challenge to get senior leadership to prioritize and invest:

But Lisa Kearney, chief executive officer of the Women CyberSecurity Society Inc., said in her 15 years as a consultant, she has rarely seen organizations put enough resources toward the prevention of data breaches prior to their occurrences. “Even when there are resources available internally, businesses are not often trained or knowledgeable, or frankly ready, to take action,” she said.

There’s no such thing as surprises, just a lack of foresight. (S1 E2, The Empress)

Point Three:

In IBM’s Cost of a Breach Report 2022 83% of cyber breach victim companies had suffered multiple breaches:

Ms. Kearney believes the reason many organizations go through cybersecurity incidents “over and over again” is because once systems have been recovered after a breach, companies move cybersecurity down on their list of priorities again.  “They get what we could call social amnesia, forgetting how important those security concerns were when they first went through it,” she said. “People, especially those in power or with authority, are getting desensitized because these attacks are happening with so much frequency these days.”

Cyber Security risk management must be integrated into how the organization operates.

Point Four:

Making someone responsible, insourced or outsourced, is not enough.

“At the same time, we also saw that 68 per cent of managers surveyed say their companies have a cybersecurity division and a further 18 per cent report they are in the process of creating one,” said Kuljit Chahal, the practice lead for data security at Adastra.  “The issue isn’t about whether you have a cybersecurity division or not,” said Kimberley St. Pierre, director of strategic accounts at cybersecurity and systems management provider Tanium Inc. “It’s about whether companies are using their systems practically and efficiently.”

IT Risk Management is an intimidating topic for the non-technical executive and business owners, but the threat is too large, and the defensive effort to complex, to just give it over to IT experts to “handle”.  Non-technical business leaders need help understanding and gaining control of the security decision making process.  It is one of the central IT management challenges today, but the communication gap must be bridged.

Point Five:

The Zombies are coming, we must get ready.

“We cannot afford to be surprised any more,” said Charles Finlay, executive director of the Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst at Toronto Metropolitan University, formerly known as Ryerson University. “This is the norm now. Cyberattackers will target the most important parts of our society and our economy and our critical infrastructure. And the impacts of these attacks are going to be increasingly serious.”

Once you recognize the scale of the threat the next question is: Are you ready?

Team Internet CS home

Is your remote workforce productive and secure?

March 24, 2020

Rapid Deployment Strategies

In response to the need for Social Distancing, non essential businesses are required to operate remotely.  Now, how do you make sure your employees are productive and your business is secure while doing your part in the fight against COVID-19?

There are many aspects to enablement, each come with their own set of security features and concerns.


We have a number of vendor partners offering no-cost and low-cost implementation strategies to get your organization back in business, when deploying a remote workforce.

Expand Remote Capacity


Hackers know we are out of our normal routines, and are trying to capitalize on mis-steps as we develop new habits to remain secure.  Click below for tips to share with your remote workforce that will help protect your business.

Secure Remote Workforce 

Rapid Deployment

You know the critical aspects of your business that need to remain operational, and we can help you execute a plan immediately. We are here to help- the Next Dimension Service Desk is available 24/7.

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Protect Users Free Online Course

June 3, 2019

Next Dimension is proud to partner with Connecting Windsor-Essex to provide a FREE Online Course teaching companies how to protect users in their environment from cyber crime.

A special thanks to Workforce Windsor-Essex for promoting our initiative.

Our goal is to create a diligent business community here in Windsor-Essex.  One where regional, national, and global organizations can do business with companies in our region knowing that, together, we are committed to good cyber hygiene.

Do business with Windsor-Essex companies because our employees are trained to protect and secure data.

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Four Lessons Delivered Right to Your Inbox:

Phishing, Training, Ransomware, and Password Policies.


Protect Corporate Users From Cybersecurity Threats. 

Practice good Cyber Hygiene inside your organization.  ENROLL NOW.

Next Dimension is pleased to offer our free online course focusing on protecting your business from the user perspective.  This course includes four lessons around cybersecurity threats. Upon completion of this course, you will have obtained knowledge and ideas on how to improve your users’ awareness and diligence in detecting cyber crime.

Lessons will be delivered to your inbox weekly.

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DON’T BE FOOLED.  In lesson one, Phishing Security Testing, you will learn effective phishing security testing and why it’s critical to good cyber hygiene inside your organization.  91% of successful data breaches start with a spear phishing attack.

STAY ALERT.  In lesson two, User Awareness Training, you’ll see how effective user awareness training can impact a business, and learn how to leverage this investment as a competitive advantage!

DON’T BE A HOSTAGE.  In lesson 3, Ransomware Simulation, you’ll learn about effective ransomware simulation, and how to leverage simulation as part of your Incident Response Planning.  Don’t have an IRP? Lesson 3 offers a template for that as well!

LOCK YOUR DOORS.  In lesson 4, Weak Password Testing, you’ll see how to detect password weaknesses, learn about poor password habits that threaten your business, and what to look for in a password testing solution.

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Next Dimension Announces Aryaka Partnership to Deliver Global SD-WAN Connectivity

April 24, 2019

With Aryaka, Next Dimension Adds the First SD-WAN Solution to Their Portfolio

(ONTARIO, April 24 2019) Effective immediately, Next Dimension and Aryaka have entered into a partnership to provide Aryaka’s Global SD-WAN service to multi-national, enterprise customers that have a presence in the Canadian market.  SD-WAN is a transformative initiative enabling global organizations to deliver high performance connectivity at a lower price/performance ratio than traditional MPLS.

This partnership offers Next Dimensions customers with a global presence a new level of connectivity flexibility and reliable performance beyond North America.

“We’re very excited about our new partnership with Next Dimension. The partnership signifies a strategic move by Aryaka and Next Dimension to bring a solution to the Canadian market that addresses the communications challenges presented by Enterprise multi-cloud & digital data communication traffic” said Olen Scott, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Channel at Aryaka.

“In our on-going effort to support Next Dimension customers with technology options that directly improve business performance, we are excited to add Aryaka’s next generation of WAN connectivity solutions to our product suite.”  said Andrew Ford, VP Sales & Marketing at Next Dimension.

With Next Dimension and Aryaka, globalized customers can realize their WAN and digital transformation initiatives with more efficient market access, better utilization of cloud services, and the confidence of having the stability and security of private line connectivity around the globe.

About Next Dimension

Next Dimension Inc.  is a premier North American IT Service Provider, headquartered in Windsor Ontario, with offices in London, Waterloo, Markham, and Detroit.  Next Dimension is built on a heritage of delivery excellence, industry knowledge, and a strong technical team.

About Aryaka

Aryaka is the only fully managed SD-WAN solution that enables global organizations to accelerate their WAN Transformation initiatives. Our global points of presence and built-in WAN optimization ensures the high performance of any application anywhere in the world. From the first mile through the last mile, we own all aspects of our customers’ connectivity providing an agile and quick-to-deploy solution for the forward-thinking enterprise.


If you would like more information about this topic, please call Brandy Coulsey at 519-968-2158 or email

Cyber insurance Security & The Law

Cyber Insurance, Security, and the Law

April 10, 2019

Next Dimension, along with Cisco and Veeam, collaborated with experts in Cyber Security, Cyber Insurance and Data and Privacy Law.  We hosted a series of events in Markham, Mississauga, Waterloo, London and Windsor.  Together we had one mission: to educate our clients on the importance of a multi-layered approach to combat cyber crime.

Cisco and Veeam spoke about technology available to protect your organization.

Hub International and McConville Omni Insurance spoke about the importance of cyber insurance, and the various risk policies to review for your business.

Siskinds and Fasken law firms explained the significance of an Incident Response Plan as well as data breach reporting.

Below are some Facebook Live videos from the roadshow.

Finally, we took the stage to guide clients through the process of identifying security risks.  A process we are glad to reiterate with you at any time, contact us and we’ll be glad to guide you as well.


From a solutions standpoint, speakers included Chris McDonald from Veeam, and Fred Patterson and Sina Radfar from Cisco.

Chris McDonald, Systems Engineer, Veeam

Chris is a Systems Engineer at Veeam with a focus on empowering and assisting customers. It is critical to evaluate data protection offerings in this digital age. With previous experience at Legato, EMC, and Dell EMC, he has nearly twenty years in the data protection and compliance space.

Fred Patterson & Sina Radfar, Cisco Canada

Cisco Regional Cybersecurity experts understand the way we work has changed. With more data, more users, and more ways to connect, there’s so much more to protect. Cisco’s cybersecurity experts operate within a full range of security solutions backed by Talos, the largest non-government group of threat hunters, to manage the scope, scale, complexity, and sheer volume of threats in today’s mid-size commercial market.

Cyber Insurance experts included Patrick Bourk and Steve Cox.  They took the stage to discuss your insurance provider’s role in your cyber security strategy.

Patrick Bourk, Principal – National Cyber Practice Leader, Hub International

Patrick is the National Cyber Practice Leader for HUB International Canada. As an insurance coverage expert, he provides technical expertise in the analysis, placement, and negotiation of various management risk insurance coverages. In addition to negotiating terms and placing coverage, Patrick’s cyber liability insurance practice also includes advising clients on how to best align breach response planning with insurance and risk mitigation solutions. Prior to joining HUB, Patrick was a Claims Lawyer for the Financial and Professional Services Group at Travelers Insurance Company and its predecessor companies.

Steve Cox, Broker Partner, McConville Omni Insurance Brokers

Steve is a Broker Partner at McConville Omni Insurance Brokers. Steve has a long history of providing insurance protection to Londoners, entering the industry in 1995 and creating the former Omni Insurance Brokers with his father. Steve specializes in corporate risk and commercial cyber security. He provides technical coverage expertise and is proficient in identifying and mitigating cyber security exposures. Steve’s risk management expertise is applied for large, multinational franchises and small commercial business, alike. Steve is a Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker, in addition to his education from Western University and the University of Toronto in Economics and Risk Management.

Both Andrew Johnson from Siskinds and Daanish Samadmoten from Fasken discussed the roles and responsibilities of the business with regards to data privacy and protection, and shared valuable tips on building and maintaining your Incident Response Plan.

Andrew Johnson, Associate – Technology and Privacy Law, Siskinds

Drew is an Associate in Siskinds Technology and Privacy Group. His practice focuses on providing legal services to mid-size commercial business. He advises clients on matters relating to cybersecurity, data protection, privacy and anti-spam, including PIPEDA, Privacy Shield and GDPR compliance.

Daanish Samadmoten, Associate – Privacy, Cybersecurity & Commercial Law, Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP

Daanish is an Associate at Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP, practicing in the areas of privacy, cybersecurity, and commercial litigation. Daanish provides practical and strategic advice to clients in respect of privacy compliance matters and data breach incidents. With considerable experience and an ongoing practice in commercial litigation, Daanish brings to bear key legal and litigation risk management considerations in relation to privacy and cybersecurity matters.

Finally, with the seemingly endless ideas and solutions presented, Chris DaSilva and Andrew Ford provided guidance on how to get started building a cybersecurity roadmap that suits your unique organization.

Christopher DaSilva, Executive Account Manager, Next Dimension

Christopher is coming up on 20 years in the IT Services industry; the last four with Next Dimension as a well-rounded Executive Account Manager. His expertise includes identifying stops and gaps in commercial IT infrastructure, and building roadmaps for key clients to close gaps and mitigate risk and downtime. With multiple vendor certifications, Chris is a trusted advisor who can provide business planning and strategic analysis of current IT trends with regards to physical and cyber security.

Andrew Ford, VP of Sales and Marketing, Next Dimension

Andrew is an accomplished executive and entrepreneur.  He has transformed organizations from a wide array of industries, developing successful, high performance business development and marketing teams.  At Next Dimension, his focus is to identify gaps and business interruptions, and build strategic roadmaps to mitigate those risks; leveraging IT as an enabler for your business.