Rapid Deployment Strategies

In response to the need for Social Distancing, non essential businesses are required to operate remotely.  Now, how do you make sure your employees are productive and your business is secure while doing your part in the fight against COVID-19?

There are many aspects to enablement, each come with their own set of security features and concerns.


We have a number of vendor partners offering no-cost and low-cost implementation strategies to get your organization back in business, when deploying a remote workforce.

Expand Remote Capacity


Hackers know we are out of our normal routines, and are trying to capitalize on mis-steps as we develop new habits to remain secure.  Click below for tips to share with your remote workforce that will help protect your business.

Secure Remote Workforce 

Rapid Deployment

You know the critical aspects of your business that need to remain operational, and we can help you execute a plan immediately. We are here to help- the Next Dimension Service Desk is available 24/7.

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