Making Organizational Processes Safer

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145,000+ users affected by IT blunder at KPMG.  Microsoft confirms Teams chat data is not recoverable.

The personal chat histories of 145,000 Microsoft Teams users at KPMG were inadvertently and permanently deleted this month, due to an IT blunder.  “In the execution of a change, a human error was made and a policy was applied to the entire KPMG Teams deployment instead of the specific account,” said the internal memo.  “This error resulted in the deletion of chat history from end-users throughout KPMG.”

The IT group is also said to be working with Microsoft “to improve policy design and behaviour in Microsoft Teams” – and – “To automate service execution and remove human intervention in policy management”.


Covid-19 has caused businesses to ask, “How do we leverage technology to make processes safer?  Can we maximize the utilization of resources in ways we never have before?”

Supply, demand, and availability are under stress in many industries.  One rural hospital harnessed Cisco technology to innovate quickly, support more patients, and protect its greatest assets—the healthcare workers on the front lines.  Learn more about their transformation by clicking on the case study below.

Cisco Case Study: Sky Lakes Medical Center

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