Digital Leadership through Disruption

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The Pandemic Effect: which crisis response scenario best describes your organization?

ZDNet succinctly describes four crisis-response scenarios that organizations fell under when dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.  They report that the London School of Economics believes organizations, either knowingly or unknowingly, fall under one of the following categories:

Sweat the Assets

Underpin Today’s Business

Slow the Strategy

Adapt Strategy and Build Resilience

What does this have to do with IT infrastructure?  Well, those classified as “winners” noted Digital Transformation as a key contributing factor.


WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW: Forbes says Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast. 

According to Forbes, an Orchestrator is highly recommended for the successful rollout of digital transformation efforts.  The orchestrator can be an outside organization, specifically contracted for deployment.  The orchestrator keeps a watchful eye on the culture, and assist in assessing the integration of new and legacy technologies.


With the volatile demand cycles of 2020, how prepared are you for IT/OT convergence?

The demand for IT/OT convergence will continue to grow.  As does the need for control, legacy performance, and security.  The Manufacturer asks key questions to determine your organization’s readiness for optimal convergence.


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