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Connected sensors produce 1.5 billion data points per Plant per day.  Integration is crucial when seeking operational efficiency.

The year is 2021; digital transformations are in full swing.  Digital optimization is under way.  There’s an Augmented Reality-trained workforce.  Sounds futuristic, but these initiatives are being discussed in many boardrooms today.  For manufacturers, the need for smart manufacturing technology is evident.  IT/OT integration is the answer to the $77B need for IIoT.  Here are some other key takeaways from this article from the Digital Journal:

Edge is the new cloud

Digital twins save $1Trillion in manufacturing costs

AR training is the new standard for a distributed workforce

Automation accelerates employee advancement

Indeed the shifts in 2021 sound light years away, but it’s upon us in just over a month.


Digital Leadership means embracing technology changes; and digital transformation projects have proven acceptance of change is an ongoing effort.  

Digital modernization and transformations have been taking place for the better part of the last ten years.  CMSWire recounts these valuable lessons we’ve learned in the last decade

1. Desktop automation does not equate to digital transformation

2. AI has created new possibilities for process discovery and data mining

3. Business users play a significant role in digital transformation

4. Data analysis is key to extracting true value from digital transformation

Of all the tips and tricks for successful digital transformation, the most critical, in our opinion, has to be #3.  Users most definitely play a role in the degree of success of your digital transformation!


Digital transformation is a company-wide effort that requires buy-in and collaboration across departments in order to be successful.  

Do you know the key roles to have in place for your digital transformation?  Having resources both defined and informed will help to ensure a smooth and successful digital endeavor.  Each of the following leaders in your business will have a key role to play: Executive Sponsor, CFO, CIO, Sales VP, and the CMO.  When these leaders are all on the same page, focus on these next four steps:

Brainstorm your vision and approach

Communicate openly and often

Create a center of excellence

Provide ongoing training

The success of your transformation efforts is directly tied to the inclusion of leaders and employees from across the organization.


These 7 pivots are integral to digital maturity. How many of these pivots are on your radar for 2021?

The digital transformation journey for your organization will not be without its false starts and missteps.  It is, after all, a journey.  It’s important to take a good look at where you are on this journey, so you can plan out the next stages and (hopefully) minimize issues.  ZDNet says these are the seven digital transformation pivots:

1. Do you operate on a flexible, secure infrastructure?

2. Do you feel you’ve achieved data mastery?

3. Do you have a digital savvy, open talent network?

4. Do you conduct ecosystem engagement?

5. Have you deployed intelligent workflows?

6. Have you created a unified customer experience?

7. Have you achieved business model adaptability?

Digital optimization and maturity will drive the financial performance of your business.  Start where you are, and pivot where you can – especially in 2021.


Digital Optimization mindset goals that will accelerate business growth in the new year.

ITProPortal asked a significant series of questions in this post: As an organization, how will you strive, revive, thrive, and drive goals through these times?  ITProPortal recommends the following mindset goals for a successful digital transformation in 2021:

Take Baby Steps

Optimize and Enhance

Forgive the Missteps


As with any endeavor, the right attitudes and mindset will all but dictate success and failure.  Keep your mind right as you navigate your digital optimization strategies in 2021.


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