Strategic Insights: IT Strategy to Enable Business Strategy

Next Dimension curates the most practical and useful tools and strategic IT insights from the web.  This week we shared articles across our social media talking about enablement; IT strategy to enable business strategy, and enabling efficiency through innovation.

Managing the distance economy, and five other trends on the hype cycle for a digital workplace.

Looking ahead to 2021, there is a growing need to scale up digital workplace technology.  Replacement for in-person activities is leading to heightened interest in emerging technology trends in the Gartner Hype Cycle:

    1. The new work nucleus
    2. Bring your thing
    3. The distance economy
    4. Smart workspaces
    5. Desktop as a service
    6. Democratized technology services

Visit Gartner for additional analysis on digital workplace technologies.


Enable Efficiency Through Innovation 

The internet faced the perfect storm; legacy tech failure and a sophisticated cyber attack.

3.5% of internet traffic went down.  This outage highlighted two areas of concern: cyberattacks during the time of a pandemic and the internet’s longstanding fragility.  When a service provider goes down, you are often left waiting for the issue to be resolved.  The interconnection of the internet, together with BGP is upheld by trust between ISPs and entities.  Attacks on BGP or DNS are different, even though they achieve a similar result.

The proactive approach may be to deploy a multi-provider strategy.  This way, when an outage occurs, you can move to a stable connection with minimal business disruption.


Automation is giving companies leverage to scale in today’s markets. Here are 3 of the telltale signs it’s time:

With so many changes already happening, many are wondering if they are ready for the next steps.  Here are 3 telltale signs that you could benefit from bringing automation into your business:

1. You feel like you’re constantly doing busywork

2. Its been a while since you’ve done creative and effective collaborative work

3. You’re ready to scale

If you’re wondering if you’re ready to deploy an automation strategy, but are hesitant to lose “control” or lose the ability to keep tasks “in house”, consider these signs and reach out to your technology partner to inquire about taking the next step.


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