Strategic Insights: Transformation Success in Manufacturing

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1 in 5 Manufacturing employees would fall for a phishing email.  How many staff do you employ?

Canadian Manufacturing says 22% of employees in the manufacturing industry would fall victim to a phishing email.  That’s 1 in 5.  Solarwinds is a network monitoring tool used by many MSPs (not Next Dimension), which means, if they get hacked, all MSPs and their clients have also been exposed.  SolarwWinds verified that 18,000 if its 33,000 clients were in fact compromised.

How did the hackers do it?  They create a fake software update, and those clients that went through with the update subsequently loaded the malware onto their network.  The malware was not designed to seize the network, instead, the hackers were able to sort through clients’ personal data files.

How do you solve this lack of training?  We have partnered with KnowBe4 to create a free online course to help protect your employees.


What new tools are you adopting in 2021? Let us know!   

There are plenty of new technology categories emerging as employees continue to work remotely.  While video conferencing isn’t new, Virtual Whiteboarding and other solutions are trending to start 2021.  Change had to be made rapidly in 2020.  Now it’s about taking the best changes and making them sustainable regardless of employee location.  With new technologies comes new exposure and new potential security vulnerabilities.  Safeguarding corporate data while simultaneously adopting new solutions is no small task.  Here are some tips to remain successful in 2021 and beyond:

Consider creating a hybrid work playbook

Consider adding tools like the virtual whiteboard, efficiency tracking software

Be mindful of how new technologies may increase the security vulnerability of your organization

Focus on generating trust between management and employees, aside from log on/log off tracking

Kicking off the year with the right corporate mindset will keep your business focused on the right tactics to boost productivity and profitability.


THERE’S NO TIME TO WASTE: Digital transformation in the Manufacturing sector must happen now.

While production didn’t grind to a halt as originally feared, there were declines for the manufacturing sector in the spring of 2020.  Successful organizations used that time to ramp up their efforts to join Industry 4.0.  Continuing this effort, Forbes listed six trends they believe will hold strong in 2021:

Move to Globalization
Shift to the Edge
Surge in 3D Printing
Supportive IT Infrastructure
Human Centered AI
Increased Investment in IIoT

In the next year, investments in smart manufacturing technology will continue to grow, and adoption of these technologies will continue to transform how organizations operate.


70% of Digital Transformation initiatives do not reach their goals. Avoid these pitfalls in your own journey:

The Digital Transformation journey is fraught with pitfalls as many organizations are taking this journey for the very first time, and are doing so under the duress of outside pressure.’s writer inVerita says these are the five dangers to be weary of in your own journey:

1. The absence of a digital savvy leader
2. The imbalance between technology and business strategies
3. Relying only on in-house members
4. Losing track of the client experience
5. The project is not thoroughly planned

Next Dimension offers a Digital Leadership and Transformation strategy with useful workshop tools right on our website.


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