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This week we shared articles across our social media covering the following topics; Simplify Your Infrastructure, IT Strategy to Enable Business Strategy, IT Reliability and Security: Avoiding Stops

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Simplify Your Infrastructure

Simplifying IT infrastructure addresses the expanding risk of a connected landscape.

Cybercriminals have come to the realization that fencing stolen data is much more work then holding it hostage. Ransomware continues to generate as an effective cybersecurity threat because it works. It gets hackers paid. Ransomware payments are up 33% from Q4 2019 to $111,605. This new hostage will change the ransom game because it changes the risk game through real-time disruption and what is puts at risk.

“Hostage negotiation is often nothing more than a business transaction “– Christopher Voss, Former FBI’s lead international kidnapping investigator.  Hackers have learned this and are using it to their advantage.

SOURCE: Forbes

IT Strategy to Enable Business Strategy

Tying strategic IT insights to business outcomes will link directly to serving the customer.

CFOs have shared a positive view of technology saying 56% of technology investments will make their company better in the long run. From their perspective, technology investments can link directly to serving the customer or end user. It’s a push to tie technology to business outcomes, opposed to treating IT as a cost center.

This partnership between the CFO and the IT Team can help align technology spend with business goals, making the case for investments and driving the digital transformation agenda.


IT Reliability and Security: Avoiding Stops

We found a practical 7-Step Guide to cybersecurity risk management in a pandemic distributed world.

It’s becoming very clear cybercriminals will not be taking time off during the pandemic.  With many workers shifting to working remotely, distracted organizations are at a high risk managing new hiccups.   Preemptive steps need to be taken in order to ensure resiliency and security.

Teams should focus on these seven strategic steps during Covid -19

SOURCE: IT World Canada

127 new IoT devices are added to networks every second.  How do you manage out-of-the-box security flaw risks? 

IoT devices are an easy target for hackers, coming with out-of-the-box security flaws like default passwords.  Many organizations deploy hundreds of IoT devices at a time.  When solving these challenges it is essential to have an automated solution.

“Without an automated system that’s consolidated, you’re dead before you begin. There’s no way you can manage it.” – Robert Falzon, Check Point Software Technologies Head of Engineering, at a recent ITWC webinar.

SOURCE: IT World Canada

Remote worker cybersecurity should focus on three key elements – says Remote Playbook. 

With so many logging in from personal devices, on home WI-FI accessing company systems, remote workers are often far away from the protection of an enterprise-grade network.

When managing a remote workforce, the focus of cybersecurity should be on three key elements, according to Richard Torres, Director of Security Operations at Syntax.

  1. Critical review of policies and procedures
  2. Shielding connectivity
  3. Sharp focus on authentication and identity access management

Learn more and access the Remote Playbook at the source below.


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