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This week we shared articles across our social media covering the following topics: IT Strategies Enable Business Strategy, IT Reliability and Security: Avoiding Stops, Enabling Efficiency through Innovation

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IT Strategies Enable Business Strategy

Aligning IT planning to your business strategy has the potential to increase revenue by up to 22%.

When pivoting due to the pandemic, it doesn’t have to be a major expense to your existing business model.  Industry 4.0 technologies allow you to optimize your current processes while developing new ones focused on innovation.  Companies that pursue and invest in innovation may be the best positioned to grow in the long term. These investments can have as much as a 22% increase in revenue and up to 19% increase in earning before interest and taxes.

SOURCE: Deloitte

Covid-19 is accelerating digital transformation, changing how businesses manage IT strategy.

Covid-19 is having a profound impact on every form of society, and enterprise IT is no exception.  Global networks have seen a demand spike of 800%, and major jumps in daytime internet traffic as students shift to online learning, and workforces are setting up home offices.  Companies are left to wonder what the future may hold for IT operations.  The following are a few predictions for the next coming months:

  • Hyperscale cloud will continue to grow
  • Demand for cloud-native solutions will increase
  • The influence of enterprise IT departments will increase
  • Security will be more important than ever

SOURCE: IT World Canada

IT Reliability and Security: Avoiding Stops

25% increase in cyber attacks with manufacturers as the prime target; a lack of network segmentation creates an exploitable gap!

The Coronavirus has been the perfect advantage that cybercriminals have been looking for.  With new working arrangements and higher anxiety during this time, anyone can be a target.  New remote workers may have weaker IT security, creating the prefect opportunities for criminals.


Enabling Efficiency Through Innovation

7 Digital Pivots that propel your organization towards digital maturity.

In this article, Deloitte shares a key list of seven digital pivots that will progress your organization’s innovation, accelerated growth, and even towards new business models.  Some digital pivot insights include:

  • Data Mastery
  • Ecosystem Management
  • Intelligent Workflows
  • Unified Customer Experience

Deloitte expands on their Digital Pivots to give you practical starting tips.

SOURCE: Deloitte

Manufacturers bridge skilled worker gap through efficiency innovations of Augmented and Virtual Reality.

Expanding to more then just the gaming world, there is an increased change and adoption of AR/VR through many industries. Augmented and Virtual Reality offers a new generation of workers to be more efficient, allowing them to solve problems in unexpected and inventive ways.  Lenovo says the manufacturing industry will leverage this technology to:

  • Bridge the upcoming skilled trade shortage
  • Boost productivity
  • Increase Security
  • Ensure Accuracy

SOURCE: Lenovo

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