Creating the Optimal Employee Experience by Recognizing that Employees are Customers Too!

How does an organization transform in this way? At Next Dimension we are leveraging data, analytics, and the use of personas to guide us towards optimizing the employee experience.

These efforts have begun a critical paradigm shift.  Consider a simple change in mindset in which employees are no longer a cost centre but a profit centre, in which the greater the employee experience – the greater the return on investment.  Employees are customers too, and should be treated as such.

Next Dimension as an organization recently completed ITIL training.  ITIL reinforces how important our internal customers are to the creation of value for our external customers, but do we treat our internal customers in the same way as our external customers in our daily interactions?

More often, the departments within organizations that follow this philosophy will rely on the marketing principles that nurture the customer experience (CX) to transform the employee experience (EX).  At the heart of it all, employees are human beings, and quality customers with whom you should check in regularly.

So let’s lose the tags “resources”, “assets” and “capital” once and for all and cultivate a thriving and meaningful workplace!