Workshop Preview: Become a Digital Leader

On December 15th at 1pm EST we will kick off our Digital Leadership Series.  The first interactive workshop will engage in How to Become a Digital Leader.  Do you have a Digital Leader on staff? Do you consider yourself the one who’s been thrown into that role? This Digital Leadership workshop series will take you through the Five Steps to Becoming an Effective Leader workplan.  Once we’ve reviewed the five steps, you will have the opportunity to take a blank workplan and customize it to your own business needs.  Reserve your spot to claim your copy of the workplan.

become a digital leader

What’s in the workplan?

Effective digital leadership begins with a shift in your mindset, followed by a shift in culture, and finally a shift in how your organization views, relies on, and leverages technology.

The workplan will give you practical tools and instruction on how to shift your mindset, and influence your organization’s culture.

Who should attend?

Influencing the culture of your entire organization must be a team effort.  Those invested in the operations, efficiency, security, and the technical infrastructure should all consider attending.  We know that’s not always feasible, so we will be recording the workshop and making it available as a self-paced recording.

Are there other topics in this workshop series?

Yes!  This is the first in our interactive workshop series.  Workshop #2 will help you assess your organizational readiness.  It will address the critical question of “Are you ready to fail fast?”.  Included in workshop is an organizational readiness assessment.  Our third and final workshop in this series will help you develop your roadmap to launch your digital strategy.

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