Workshop Recap: Becoming an Effective Digital Leader

Does your company feel the pressure to appoint a Digital Leader? Where does the pressure originate? Is there a natural Digital Leader on your team? Is it you?  The first portion of this workshop focused on identifying the demand for digital leadership.  From there, we moved through the five steps to becoming an effective Digital Leader.  Finally, we explored the assessment tool “Are You a Natural Digital Leader?”.  Access the assessment tool.

become a digital leader

Here’s a snapshot of the 5 Steps to Becoming an Effective Digital Leader:

Reframe your Perspective

Define your Digital Leader Mindset

Change your Brain Monologue

Reinforce the New Mindset

Amplify Behaviours with Experiential Learning

Assessment Tool: Are You a Natural Digital Leader?

Next Dimension worked with a number of sources to create this free assessment tool.  A successful Digital Transformation begins with the identification and selection of your organization’s Digital Leader.  Is it you?  Assess your natural skills and abilities to determine how ready you are to take on this critical role.

Other topics in this workshop series:

Workshop #2 will help you assess your organizational readiness.  It will address the critical question of “Are you ready to fail fast?”.  Included in workshop is an organizational readiness assessment.  Our third and final workshop in this series will help you develop your roadmap to launch your digital strategy.

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