Securing Your Mobilized Remote Workforce

New Best Practices Against New Cybersecurity Threats

Newly adopted Remote Strategies require a new cybersecurity mindset. Hackers know that times are hectic, and we may not be taking the necessary safety steps as we would if we were in our regular routine. Ransomware attackers will continue to hit the most vulnerable. Today, that vulnerability is your newly deployed remote workforce. We are in uncertain times. Following this checklist will help protect your workforce and your business through these coming weeks and more.

Mind your notifications:

  • Stay current on anti-malware updates.
  • Keep computer operating systems updated with the latest patches.

Take a breath, stay vigilant:

  • Keep a keen eye on your inbox, don’t let yourself click into just any email claiming to be a pandemic update.
  • Continue to hover over links before you click. When using mobile or newly acquired remote devices with smaller screens, that’s when it’s most important to be diligent.

Watch your Apps:

  • If possible, disable ActiveX content and macros in MS Office, to eliminate malicious code from executing.
  • If connecting to a company network, make sure you have a secured connection.

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