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Running your organization on high quality servers is a must for today’s digital landscape to ensure the high availability of your mission-critical applications, Websites and other systems. But when it comes to IT capacity growth, what’s your strategy? Is it simply adding new servers with each new application you deploy? Is it time to find a faster, more efficient way to grow your IT capabilities on-demand?

With the “server sprawl” a common malaise that manifests in under-utilized, difficult-to-manage server farms, many turn to server consolidation – a smart way to increase utilization and decrease costs on several levels. However, now a whole new approach to capacity growth is here; one that prevents sprawl and optimizes utilization.

Increase Your Power to Streamline and to Grow Green

Next Dimension’s advanced virtualization solutions provide the path to your future. We enable you to vastly reduce the management complexity, physical footprint and energy utilization of your server infrastructure while enabling virtually unlimited capacity growth on-demand across your network infrastructure.

You’ll not only reduce the cost, complexity and requirements of growing your capacity – you’ll enjoy flexibility and simplicity in managing your infrastructure evolution.

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