Proven IT Risk Management to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse of Cybersecurity.

Reality Check #1:

The zombies always get in!

Apocalypse movies usually feature a safe zone or a fortified area that provide survivors safety from zombie hordes. However, the zombies always manage to get in one way or another, just like cybersecurity threats that can bypass even the best systems with a clever phishing attack. One thing we tell all of our clients is that we cannot eliminate your risk, but we can help you understand it, manage it, and be ready for when the “zombies” get in.

Reality Check #2:

There are gremlins in your system.

Gremlins are mischievous creatures that hatch every time a technical task gets missed or done poorly. A security update on a device that wasn’t done, or a nest of messy wires in your server rooms, are examples of sleeping gremlins that can wake up at any time to cause problems. Also, these maintenance oversights represent the unsecured doors and forgotten passages in and around your barricade that facilitate intrusion by threat actors. Hunting down all these gremlins is hard work and is an important part of maintaining your security posture.

What Cybersecurity Risks Exist Today?

We used to live in a world where a firewall and backups were sufficient. Over the last thirty years, however, three key things have changed about how private and public organizations operate that now relates to cybersecurity risk.

All information is digital

Everything an organization uses to operate is based on data stored in computers somewhere

The Internet creates universal technical access

All those computers are connected quite literally to all the other computers in the world, all the time

Threat actors can reach everyone

The technologies that legitimate businesses use to increase productivity and scale operations are infiltrated and leveraged by countries, organizations, and individuals to steal and extort globally

No one and no where is safe

We use the zombie apocalypse allegory because it is a useful representation of the nature of the problems cybersecurity professionals face. The moment a computer connects to the Internet, it becomes possible for threat actors to see it and attack it. In movies and books, the zombies are usually attracted to sound, and turning your computer on is like turning on a siren that can be heard around the world. This means that there will be zombies at your door, sometimes without you even knowing it. Eventually, one will manage to sneak in

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