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Digital Leadership


Leadership Assessment

Are you a natural digital leader? 5 steps to becoming an effective digital leader.


Become an Effective Digital Leader

How do you translate your native attributes into a leadership role to lead your organization’s Digital Transformation? There are 5 steps to becoming an effective digital leader.


Organization Readiness Worksheet

How can you tell if your company is ready for a Digital Transformation? What are the telltale signs and identifiers? Use the Organizational Readiness Worksheet to walk through 6 corporate identifiers.


12 Questions with a Digital Transformation Expert

Read our transcribed video interview with our partner, Cisco as we discuss all phases of the digital journey.


Digital Strategy Validation

If you qualify, you will have the opportunity to audit your Digital Strategy against the Best Practice Analysis.

Manage the Plan

Schedule your free consultation today. Together, let’s build your continuous optimization Roadmap based on 6 proven principles.

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Security Culture


Corporate Data on the Dark Web?

Are you exposed? Find out now with a dark web scan. We’ll give you immediate remediation advice, and provide a report.


How to make security-based executive decisions

Are you promoting an efficient culture? Use these Guiding Principles to ensure decisions are made with security and efficiency as mutual priorities.


How to Create a Cyber Aware Culture

This guide will help teach leaders to set the shift in motion and learn valuable lessons from others mistakes as well as a framework for successful program.


Cybersecurity Maturity

The road to cybersecurity maturity starts here… Schedule a virtual consult today.


Choosing the Right Cybersecurity Framework

Align Executives, IT and Operations around security. The right cybersecurity framework will uncover the path to securing the organization.


Recovery Blueprint

A Recovery Plan is the only thing you can control in your cyber defense strategy. Let’s get your organization ready!

Operational Efficiency


Managing Vulnerabilities in the Ops Environment

IT knows the value of Vulnerability Management activities, but that value isn’t always communicated effectively to Operations or the C-Suite. Here is the translation guide…


IT Strategic Alignment Scorecard

How well aligned is your IT Strategy? To maximize the return on IT investments an organization’s IT strategy should align with its business strategy. 


Asset Inventory Checklist for Operations

Use the inventory checklist to ensure operational and administrative technology is represented in the Organization’s Incident Response Plan.


Incident Response Plan for Ops

Following the NIST cybersecurity framework, complete the “How to Build an Effective IRP for Operations” Worksheet here…