Next Dimension is committed to fostering an inclusive and accessible environment for all individuals, including persons with disabilities. As a Class 3 Entity under the CRTC Accessibility Reporting Regulations and in compliance with the Accessible Canada Act, we recognize the importance of ensuring equal access to our goods, services, facilities, and employment opportunities.


The purpose of this Accessibility Plan is to outline our strategies and actions to identify, prevent, and remove barriers to accessibility, enhance accessibility awareness, and promote a culture of inclusion within Next Dimension.


Identification of Barriers:

Conduct an accessibility assessment to identify existing and potential barriers to accessibility in our facilities, services, and communication channels


Barrier Prevention and Removal:

Develop and implement measures to prevent and remove barriers to accessibility, prioritizing areas of high impact and addressing feedback from persons with disabilities.


Accessibility Training and Awareness:

Provide training and awareness programs for employees to promote understanding and compliance with accessibility standards and practices.


Communication and Feedback Mechanisms:

Establish accessible communication channels and feedback mechanisms to receive input from persons with disabilities regarding accessibility issues and concerns.


Continuous Improvement:

Regularly review and update the Accessibility Plan to reflect changes in legislation, technology, and best practices, ensuring ongoing compliance and effectiveness.



  • Facilities Accessibility:
    Conduct accessibility audits of our physical premises to identify and address architectural barriers.
  • Implement modifications and improvements to enhance accessibility, such as installing ramps, automatic doors, and accessible washrooms.
  • Provide signage and wayfinding aids that are clear, visible, and accessible to persons with disabilities.


Digital Accessibility:

  • Ensure that our website, online platforms, and digital content comply with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 Level AA standards.
  • Provide alternative formats and accessible features, such as text descriptions for images, captioning for videos, and keyboard navigation options.
  • Train web developers and content creators on accessibility best practices and techniques for creating accessible digital content.


Communication Accessibility:

  • Offer communication supports and alternative formats, such as sign language interpretation, braille, large print, and accessible electronic documents, upon request.
  • Ensure that telephone systems, customer service desks, and communication devices are accessible and equipped with features such as TTY/TDD support.


Training and Awareness:

  • Provide mandatory accessibility training for all employees, including frontline staff, managers, and executives, to raise awareness of accessibility rights, responsibilities, and best practices.
  • Offer specialized training for employees involved in the design, development, and delivery of goods and services to ensure accessibility considerations are integrated into their work processes.


Feedback Mechanisms:

  • Establish accessible feedback mechanisms, such as dedicated email addresses, online forms, and toll-free telephone numbers, for persons with disabilities to report accessibility barriers, provide feedback, and request accommodations.
  • Ensure that feedback received is promptly acknowledged, documented, and addressed in a timely manner, with appropriate follow-up actions taken to resolve identified issues.


Monitoring and Reporting:

Next Dimension will monitor the implementation of this Accessibility Plan and regularly report on its progress and outcomes to senior management, employees, regulatory authorities, and other stakeholders. Annual accessibility reports will be prepared and submitted in accordance with the requirements of the CRTC Accessibility Reporting Regulations and the Accessible Canada Act.


Accessibility Coordinator:

An Accessibility Coordinator will be appointed to oversee the implementation of this Accessibility Plan, coordinate accessibility initiatives, and serve as a point of contact for inquiries, feedback, and accommodation requests from persons with disabilities.


Review and Revision:

This Accessibility Plan will be reviewed and updated on an annual basis, or as needed, to reflect changes in legislation, technology, organizational priorities, and stakeholder feedback. Revisions will be made in consultation with employees, persons with disabilities, and relevant stakeholders to ensure ongoing relevance and effectiveness.



Next Dimension is committed to promoting accessibility, diversity, and inclusion in everything we do. By implementing this Accessibility Plan and working collaboratively with stakeholders, we will continue to create an accessible and barrier-free environment that respects the rights and dignity of all individuals.

This Accessibility Plan outlines the commitments, strategies, and actions necessary to ensure compliance with the CRTC Accessibility Reporting Regulations and the Accessible Canada Act, while also fostering a culture of accessibility and inclusion within the organization.