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Whether you’re looking for resources to assist in planning, strategy development, execution, or optimization, we offer a wide range of self-paced resources to support your organization.

Our resources are sorted by asset type; offering articles, interactive guides, and useful toolkits.  If you’re interested in gaining insights, or are ready to roll up your sleeves and dive into a worksheet, or stand up your strategy against industry best practice, our resources were built to meet you where you are and then support your business the rest of the way through the initiative. 

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Click below for useful resources to support your organization in Digital Leadership, Security Culture, and Efficiency & Performance.  We answer questions that companies face in each area of the business.  We also offer industry insights, inspiration, and success stories to assist you in your journey to become digitally optimized in the most secure and efficient means possible.

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The Most Comprehensive Handbooks We’ve Ever Created

We wrote the (e)book on guiding your organization through Digital Leadership, Security Culture, and Improving Operations.  Looking for comprehensive tools and guides to compliment your strategy development and execution? Whether you’re focused on Digital Leadership & Transformation, or Security Culture, or Improving Operations, our resources are designed for practical execution inside your organization.  

New eBooks are in development for Security Culture and Improving Operations.  Want to get on the launch list to be notified when new materials are available?

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Arm your Business with Resources to Improve Strategic Execution

You’ve identified the challenges in your organization.  You feel the pressure to make great change and you know what you want to do – but how? Leverage our toolkits to support the successful execution of your plans to manage digital disruption, protect your company and its data, and find efficiencies to fine tune your corporate engine.

Digital Leadership Toolkit

Inside this toolkit are practical tools to assist with:

  • Digital Leadership
  • Organizational Readiness
  • Managing the Digital Journey
  • Digital Maturity and Optimization

Access the Digital Leadership Toolkit.  No matter where your organization is along their digital journey, there are effective tools to minimize digital disruption as you execute your transformation.


Security Culture Toolkit

Tools and strategies to protect yourself, the business, the supply chain, customers, and your reputation.  Inside this toolkit are practical answers to:

  • Is your Data Safe?
  • Are your Employees Safe?
  • Is your Business Safe?

Access the Security Culture Toolkit.  Leverage these tools to bolster your security strategy with proven methodologies to protect all.  Every operational decision requires a security dimension.  Our toolkit helps you cultivate a security culture.

Improve Operations Toolkit

Increased visibility, increased access, increased bandwidth.  What do these terms have in common?  They’ve all been used in strategic discussions on how to Improve Operations.  Is complexity the cost of operational improvement? Is it worth it?

Inside this toolkit are efficiency tools for Operations:

  • Aligning your Leadership Team
  • Are you sacrificing performance?
  • Access vs. Safety Matrix

Access the Improve Operations Toolkit.  The tools available are designed to help you uncover simple ways to improve efficiency in operations, without sacrificing security, performance, or reliability.